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Mission Statement: Our Mission is to improve people’s lives by helping them feel better with all natural, consistent, potent, and affordable Hemp Extracts.

Source and Responsible farming:  Our premium Hemp is grown using organic practices in Oregon.  To keep the soil fertile our farmers plant cover crops in the off-season to boost our soil’s volatile organic compound content.  Our farmers apply minimal amounts of organic fertilizer via drip irrigation to enhance the nutrition provided naturally by our farm’s fertile, nitrogen rich fields.

Our Processes: After harvest our extracts are processed using food grade organic ethanol cold extraction method (-40 degrees Fahrenheit) with hemp flower (‘buds”), the most cannabinoid and terpene rich part of the plant, to obtain Full Spectrum Extract Hemp Oil (FSEHO). This concentrate contains approximately 65%-74% Cannabinoids (CBD or CBG) as well as a full entourage of other minor cannabinoids such as THC, CBG, CBC and CBN.

The FSEHO is then blended with Organic Coconut (MCT) Oil and bottled in a clean CGMP facility for final distribution. Our tinctures have no more than 4 natural ingredients, guaranteeing the most natural and pure Hemp Extract Oil available in the market. We guarantee this by allowing every customer access to the certificate of analysis on their individual batch of product. At Vida we keep it simple and let the plant do the work.

Vida Biologica Improving people’s lives.

Vida Biologica’s Story: The founder Patrick was the General Manager of the Cansortium’s Texas operations and responsible for Cultivation, Production and Dispensing Activities statewide.

In Texas due to high costs operating in the most regulated medical marijuana state in the US the licensed producers had to sell their medicines for very high prices due to high operating costs.  In Texas, Patrick saw many patients receiving relief from the medicines but they had difficulty affording the medicine.  That’s when Patrick decided to start his company with the knowledge and standards he learned operating Texas’s first  legally licensed Medical Marijuana Provider with the mission and focus of delivering high quality, consistent Cannabinoid extracts at an affordable price to people who really need them most .  

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